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Об отставке Президента
19 марта 2019 года Первый Президент Казахстана сообщил о досрочном сложении своих полномочий.
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Director of the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky. The Honoured Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerkin Kassenov.
Dear friends! I am pleased to welcome you at our website in the 117th theatre season! After a short vacation, we have opened our doors for all, who wish to connect with the art of theatre again. I want to share the results and achievements of the past 166th theatre season with you, dear friends. We took part in ХХІ International Theatre Festival “Belaya Vezha” in Brest (Belarus) with the play “The Pagans”. The play provoked a heated interest both among viewing audience and theatre professionals. Critics from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France, Great Britain and a number of other countries unanimously recognized “The Pagans” to be the main event of the festival. During the press conference held after the performance, deep analysis of the play was made through concerted efforts of journalists and critics. First, they specified a non-standard approach to directing, versatile acting, as well as high professionalism of lighting and sound masters. Summarizing the results of the festival, Polina Kharlamova was recognized as the best actress of the festival. We did not stand aside from such great event, as the Days of Astana in Moscow: in the hall of Moscow International House of Music, the people of the capital of Russia for the first time were presented the play “Tomiris - Saka Queen” based on the novel by B. Zhandarbekov within the framework of the Days of Astana. The theatre hall of the House of Music was full, and after the end of the play, actors were called to the curtain calls many times and were welcomed by a warm ovation when they came out onto the stage. In addition, the following premieres took place: November 5 - a parable “AMANAT”, based on the Kazakh heroic epos “Alpamys”, dedicated to 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. - December 22 - a new-year fairytale “Adventures of Dunno and his friends”. January 20 - a comedy "Funny Money" based on a play by English playwright Ray Cooney. February 24 - a play "Mankurt. Eternal Slave ", produced under the State Program on Struggle with Religious Extremism and Terrorism. Barzu Abdurazzakov (Tajikistan) directed the play. Our other grand premieres became “Anna Karenina” and “Eugine Onegin”. Of course, I would like to tell you about our other events, but it is better to wait for the premiere days, when you will see everything for yourself. Therefore, let me thank you for your love and support, believe me, these feelings are totally simpatico! See you later!