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Ray Cooney, is a recognized master of comedy, whose plays are compared with Charlie Chaplin’s films due to artistically written plot, created literally out of nowhere. They are translated into more than forty languages are regarded as a classic of modern dramaturgy of England.

“Funny Money” is another brilliant situation comedy written by the English dramaturgist. An ordinary English clerk, who did not expect anything special on his birthday, brought home someone’s briefcase, which is stuffed full of money. Having realized that an error occurred, which threatened him by an imminent retribution, he planned to escape immediately. However, no such luck he had: his wife at home was awaiting for guests, police inspectors came out of the blue, and here came friends...   


Will the main character to solve the tangle of unpredictable situations and to escape unharmed? Do not rush with answering this question, but rely on the fantasy and experience of Ray Cooney, and be sure, you won't be disappointed with the result!  


  The premiere took place on 20 January, 2017