Anna Karenina

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   The story of Anna Karenina is usually considered as the great story of unhappy love, but its historical context and the context of life of the author himself is often lost or ignored. It is difficult to imagine oneself, that count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, that one, who denied his title, demonstrating therewith that he was disagree to share his status with aristocracy, could write a sentimental love story. Taking into account the author’s affection for disapproval of society and rather strict self-criticism, it is just impossible. “Anna Karenina” is at first, the criticism of morals and the story of a sharp decline of aristocracy. People want something humanistic, they want to love, want to live, but their understanding and skills are so far from reality, as attempts to connect the dreams of better life and reality are difficult to put into action or totally fail. The manifestation of love to a woman, man, child, relatives, to close people becomes entrapped in the net of sophisticated morals, religious dogmas, rumors, formal etiquette; and helplessness of the person who gets into this net causes in this person a fear, hatred and, as consequence, the beast.

     The performance considers exclusively the line of Anna Karenina and her entourage.

The premiere took place on April 19, 2017.