The Chioggia Scuffles

Премьера состоялась 9 марта 2012 года.

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The great Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793), who lived long and not always happy life, left 267 plays to us. They include still popular “The Servant of Two Masters”, “The Mistress of the Inn”, and “The Chioggia Scuffles”. The last play became the first production based on Goldoni’s on stage of now the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky.

The story, which the Italian playwright told two centuries ago, might be referred to so-called folk comedies. In a small town Chioggia that is very close to Venice, wives, brides and sisters of fishers, waiting for returning the men from the sea, spend time in gossiping and chaffering each other. A little flirtation, a little competition, and these sparkles, blown by the gossipers, burst into the flame of envy and insult in hot southern characters. The happiness of two pairs of lovers falls to the ground. Habitual scuffles of neighbors reach the ravishing intensity of deadly feud. The matter at least leads to street fighting and interruption of authorities. A noisy fuss, shoots out with the power of life …

Living people, natural situations, sparkling humor, simple and fascinating plot, dynamicity of which keeps you in tension from the beginning to the end. Of course, everything finishes with reconciliation and celebration of love. So, this truth has not dulled for two hundred years.

This performance is a real gift for those, who love bravura virtuous comedies, full of life, laugh and action.


The premiere of the performance took place on March 9, 2012.