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Anna Yablonskaya died on her rise, having written her best, the most precise text - the play “Pagans” - a violent drama about the religious crisis in a modern human. It is about our confusion in the issues of belief and about extremities in searching individual redemption. A religious mother-in-love, suddenly returned in the world after wandering about monasteries, visits a family, reached its extreme destruction and dysfunction. The first act is as the confirmation of belief; the second is as the denial of belief, and finally, confusion and chaos, silence, dumbness, characteristic for the condition of belief in the modern society.

It’s just not a lot of people talk on this theme in the theatre. Yablonskaya performs true and confident analysis of a deadlocked situation: to believe or not to believe, and what to believe? The play writer makes analysis without coming over to any side. She concerns about the instability of belief, built only on the belief in a miracle, deprived of any intellectual churching.

Legendary Jonas Vaitkus presented a performance in an absolutely new form: minimum of pieces of scenery, no movements, all actors work sitting on chairs with closed eyes. Well-considered and static form of the performance was the true revelation for the audience. 

The premiere of the performance took place on October 15, 2014